The DARIAH-DE Repository is a central component of the DARIAH-DE research data federation architecture. You can import your research data using the DARIAH-DE Publikator.

The DARIAH-DE Repository allows for storing your research data in a sustainable and secure way, providing it with metadata and eventually publishing it. Your research data, called "collections" in the following, as well as each individual file are long-term available in the DARIAH-DE repository and get a unique and permanently valid persistent identifier (DOI). Your data can be referenced permanently and will be quotable with this identifier. In addition, you can register your collections with the Collection Registry, which are then also found in the Generic Search.

For more information on usage of the Publikator and the DARIAH-DE Repository, please refer to the public DARIAH-DE Wiki. The technical documentation and API descriptions for each repository service can be found on the documentation page of the Repository server on

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